Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are your photo captions 100% hypothetical bear typed certified? They could be- Send the Incredible Typing Bear your photos!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is true. Sometimes a picture can be worth even more than the current going rate of 1000 words. That's where the hypothetical typing bear comes in. Bear typed captions can increase a picture's worth substantially.

Do you have a photo you are dying to have captioned, thus making it more valuable on the word market? Lets have it. I'm taking the first eleven photos (a 1/11/11 tribute), which I will caption and post on this site, thus allowing the world (a.k.a. like, thirteen people) to see the dramatic increase in picture value (hypothetical) bear typed captions can have (plus everyone has said captions are their favorite).

Here is an example.

The photo below is currently valued at 1000.3 words.

Note the absence of any captions.

Photo value, now with captions: 1030.3 + value added by hypothetical bear typed certified authentic caption= 1,000,008.2

Yes, we had to sell the table to buy the birthday cake (it's custom),
but isn't a child's happiness worth eating on the floor
for the next several years?

Want to increase the value of one of your photos? Send them here: ifbearscouldtype@gmail.com

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