Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Did You Think You Were The Only One? You Are Not Alone. The Following Text Conversation is REAL-ish.

Authors note, July 1, 2013:  If I ever said anything that suggested all the posts on this blog are good, I apologize.  Some of the posts were thought of, composed, NOT revised, and posted between 3-5 a.m. and it shows.  This is a pretty silly text conversation, however, so I will leave this as it is for your entertainment and also as cautionary tale for anyone who thinks it is a good idea to stay up for days at a time. It clearly is not.

Me: You know that feeling when the last of your amphetamines wear off and then you're weed buzz steps in while you're trying to watch porn while having video cyber sex on skype right when you're orgasm makes your eyelids cramp and throw a ghost punch at the ceiling...? 12:13 AM

Me: I mean like, why does that happen 12:14 AM

Very Wise Man: Hahaha... I know. One of these days I keep thinking that's not going to happen, but nope... Everytime. 12:21 AM

Me: I know right...I'm like, "come on amphetamine downer weed buzz video cyber sexting with porn orgasm ...change it up a little once in a while..." 12:24 AM

Me: I mean really? eyelid cramp ghost ceiling punch every time, like clock work? 12:24 AM

Me: I'm trying to have an intimate cyber sexual media climax, not set my watch. Am I right? 12:25 AM

"What about you, bear-that-is-clearly-conveying-a-message-with-his-shrugged-shoulders-and-upturned-palms? don't know either?  Oh, it's cool. No big deal...  Okay. I guess I'll see you 'round. Take it easy, Body Language Bear."

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