Thursday, March 28, 2013

Homeschool Persecution In Germany Is Wrong?

Apparently there is a German family here in the U.S. who fled Germany because Germany is mean to homeschool (asking them science questions, maybe?).  This German family was pretty busy being refugees and homeschooling and, unfortunately, were unable to find the time to renew their visas so now America wants to send them back to the persecution they fled from.  If they get sent back they'll most likely be subjected to books with questions that have answers that aren't "the Bible" so it could be pretty rough.
In an effort to keep them in the U.S. there is now a petition going around gathering signatures requesting this family  be able to stay because...ummm...the Bible
I'm not sure who the graphic designer was who made their poster, but I am pretty sure I know where he received his education...

Judging by this poster/meme it would appear the type of persecution homeschool kids in Germany are being subjected to is primarily parents tenderly holding their children's hands.  That seems...not that terrible.  I'm not sure this is conveying the message they had hoped if they want to gather the necessary signatures in order to keep mean ol' Germany from getting this family back and persecuting them with hand holding.

Instead, why not try something that will strike right to the core of every homeschool parent and child, motivating them to sign the petition without thinking twice about it.  Notice I stuck with a homeschool design theme so no one would have reason to suspect the lame-stream media was trying to manipulate them into betraying America.  I think something like this might be just the thing:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A LITTLE STICKY by a dad and his little boy, but mostly the dad because there's no way a little boy could make a story this good

ghost written for the Incredible Typing Bear by Spence R Roper and a little 4 yr old punk


As the little boy thought about it, he remembered...

"I wish to never be sticky," said the little boy.

This surprised robot.
"I did not expect that."  The robot started break dancing.  "I was almost positive you would wish for...

fun fact here:  You would never guess from just looking at it, but approximately half the text in the above picture was written using a computer mouse.

Stay tuned for chapter 2:  The House Boat on Bathtub Lake and the Cup of Chocolate Pudding and Some Grape Juice

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Cock fighting! Yeah!  Abortion. BOO!
Join in the fight against abortion just like this Utah state senator would want you to do, this weekend.

Some people choose to defy nature by trying to NOT ORGANIZE AND BET on cock fights.  Come on people!  Stop resisting nature's will.  Chickens are raised for fighting.  If you disagree, you're probably one of those people who raise chickens for eggs and food (birther/eaters we call them).  That is demented and you are a monster.  You need to stop that immediately  and instead, place bets on them, then sit back and watch as they fight to death as God intended.

Wish You Weren't In Kansas Anymore? Now You Can Stop Wishing!


somewhere over the rainbow...

there's a wild spring break party IN CANCUN!
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