Tuesday, January 11, 2011

0145 hours...

I like Pandora. I do not like McPandora.

Mcdonalds makes me mad sometimes, but I can't totally hate them. "Why?", you ask. One mcword: mcflurry.

The mcflurry is so good that I would never go farther while badmouthing Mcdonalds than saying that there may be a slight correlation between people who eat there regularly and also shop at Wal mart.

Mcdonalds is basically the metaphorical equivalent of a fat, toothless prostitute; you are ashamed if you're seen driving by, mortified if you're seen inside, and all but assured to catch a contagious chronic disease if you are any sort of a regular...even with all that, the "mcflurry" is so good it keeps you coming back despite the shame and uncurable sores.

So if you wonder where I am right now, chances are i've snuck off to the metaphorical fat, toothless town prostitute for a quick "mcflurry."
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