Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where Blogs Came From- A True Story Based on Actual-ish Events

A long time ago, before you were even born (unless you are four), a bear sat on a tree stump in the middle of the forest and typed the final page of his novel on his old typewriter.

Everything was going great for the bear.

Then IT happened.

He typed "teh" instead of "the", which is a common typographical error, 

but the bear was not happy about it.  

Not one bit.

He blamed the typewriter.

The bear felt like his typewriter had betrayed him by making his novel completely un-readable and
boy, was he upset. 

It was not a good day to be an old typewriter in the forest, 
that's for sure.

At a campground nearby, a hipster was wearing his green t-shirt with the earth on it and glasses with no lenses while he sat at a picnic table wishing he could update his social media websites with a typewriter.

The already very angry bear saw this and was not amused.

He was really hungry, however, and also interested in getting a laptop and maybe a smartphone...

He started blogging after that (also he invented blogging).


The Incredible Typing Bear continues to blog.

He doesn't use a smartphone

because bear claws.

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  1. oh so that is how it all happened... I never knew.


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