Monday, January 7, 2013

The Incredible Typing Bear News Team Casts New Light On Recent Wild Animal Attack

The Deseret News recently reported a story in which a coyote took a woman's dog while she was out hiking with it and one other of her dogs.  The following is a quote from the Deseret News article:

"That coyote had the guts to come down and take my dog right in front of me, and another dog was there. To me, that's just not safe," she said. "I knew they were up there, but I didn't think they hunt down dogs with little crocheted sweaters on them."  from the article by Pat Reavy published Jan. 5 in The Deseret News

The idea that little crocheted dog sweaters offer protection from wild animal attacks is now being called into question in light of this recent attack and the results of a recent study published in The Journal of Wild Animal Attacks & Sweaters.  It now appears, ironically, that little crocheted dog sweaters actually make dogs more susceptible to attack by wild animals because the wild animals see the dogs in little crocheted dog sweaters.  Even when dogs in little crocheted dog sweaters aren't ruthlessly attacked, killed, and eaten by wild animals, they are still ruthlessly teased and bullied by them and also by cats.

In the study published in The Journal of Wild Animal Attacks & Sweaters, wild animals were shown pictures of dogs not wearing little crocheted dog sweaters followed by pictures of the same dogs now wearing little crocheted dog sweaters, then asked, once they had stopped laughing, which they were more likely to attack.  Of those interviewed, only three percent said they were not more likely to attack the dog in the little crocheted dog sweater because, in the words of a wild animal from the three percent group, "laughter is more important than killing.  Thanks for showing me those dog sweater pictures.  You really made my day.  Seriously, thank you.  I really needed that."

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