Monday, June 11, 2012

Facebooking Bears...

Sometimes you log onto someone else's Facebook and when you're a bear something like this might happen:

For the record, we've always thought we could have sex with humans, but when I saw how the whole gay issue is playing
out, I felt bad for them and I figured I would try to make a point to illustrate how silly everyone is being...and someone decided that he needed to get apolegetic about it.  He should have logged off of his Facebook account if he didn't want me making socio-cultural commentary with my time traveling and Photoshopping abilities.

Then he got all bent out of shape because of some chubby duechebag missionary...what a baby. For the record, I went on a mission because of some confusion regarding my passport during a wildlife refuge exchange program not for the stereotypical mormon bear reasons you always hear everyone talking about.

So this happened...and...Ok, I can see why some people might be upset by it, but I was on the rebound and feeling vulnerable, she was dealing with some stuff as well and things just kind of happened.  Go ahead and judge me.  I'm a bear. I don't care what you think. I have needs too, you know...also, he was crying so much the last one I was excited to share this little chapter of my history with him.
Ladies love the badge...especially girls who love to party and don't wear panties.
KIDS PSA: if your mom loves to party and never wears need to leave because if you don't, it could end bad for you.  If you can't read, please have someone read this to you. It could save your life.
Look at Mr. I-Get-Pissed-At-Things-Posted-On-Facebook getting all upset.  Change your password, bro.  Also, that's not me calling your mom.  It's my cousin from Alaska and he said she's calling him, so get your facts straight before you start crying about bears posting stuff on your Facebook account and banging your mom.

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