Friday, June 17, 2011

When They Were Children: Evil Super Villans (from the Green Lantern)

PARALLAX: Mom, me and Sinestro are going to go play down at the forbidden core, Okay?

PARALLAX’S MOTHER: Okay dear, but don’t go anywhere else and don’t go too close to the sun. I know you think it’s a great time and all, but an all powerful, fear consuming entity of your um, know what the doctor said about your...size.

PARALLAX: Ahhh, Mom. Stop worrying all the time. I’m almost 250 million years old. I can take care of myself.

PARALLAX’S MOTHER: I only worry because I love you, Parallax. You know, it’s all fun and games until someone gets burned... and reduced to atomic particles by a nuclear furnace of planet sustaining energy. How much fun would you be having then, when you’re nothing more than the energy powering some hippy’s solar powered NPR radio he got when he donated $250 during last springs pledge drive? Is that what you want?

PARALLAX: No, Mother.

PARALLAX'S MOTHER: Good. Now go and play and don’t be late for lunch. I’m making your favorite, Fear Energy Soup with those goldfish crackers.

PARALLAX: Ok. Thanks mom. See ya!

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