Thursday, June 30, 2011

and now, ladies and gentleman, the Incredible Typing Bear brings you...

GOOD!/...not so good

GOOD: You're having sex!

...not so good: she starts looking at her phone...

GOOD: She just posted on facebook,“This is SOOOOO amazing!!!”

...not so good: and attached a link to a scrap-booking coupon website.

(don't really go here, especially if your having sex right now...not so good; remember?)

GOOD: Updates facebook status again to say "Gotta go so I can play with my furry best friend!!!"

(Hey! I'm furry. This IS good!)

...not so good: posts the following photo captioned "My furry best friend":

GOOD: double entendre window left WIDE open!

...not so good: she is also currently reading this:

(Honey, could you close that double entendre window please. It's getting horny in here.)

"Daddy, why is that ballon in the middle popped?"
"It's a phallic metaphor, son. How many times do I have to explain this to you?"

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