Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things to remember on Wednesday...Especially if You're a Groundhog and It's Groundhog's Day

The groundhog hesitated just for a moment, as if there were something important he were forgetting. He quickly glanced around his burrow hole, looking for any visual cue that might trigger his memory, reminding him of any pertinent detail he may have overlooked, then shook his head in disgust.
"Come on, man. You're a groundhog. It's groundhogs day. Get out there and look for your shadow," he said to himself as he straightened his fur one final time before marching up to the burrow entryway and defiantly sticking his head up into the daylight.

The groundhog's eyes were still adjusting to the light when he suddenly remembered he had forgotten something. It actually wasn't the squinting as much as it was the teeth in the wolf's mouth now clamped on his head that served as the actual reminder.
"Wolf shirt Wednes..." he began to cry out, but was cut off by the other wolves that had now also latched onto him.

Had it been any other day of the week, the day's events would have played out quite differently for the groundhog, but this wasn't any other day. This was Wolf shirt Wednesday so, lesson learned...forever.
The End.

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