Monday, February 7, 2011

6,519,702nd. Stop Judging ME, Hipster!

Somehow 6,519,701 people saw this before I did and not one of them thought to pass it along to me...I guess they thought I was happy enough already, but now, knowing that this has been out there and I wasn't enjoying it, thinking about all that time I wasn't able to think about it and giggle and be happy...Now I am sad (crocodile tear). This youtube video should cheer me up, even if I am the six million five hundred and nineteen seven hundred and second person to watch it (most hipsters won't even think about looking at an online video if it has been viewed more than 100 times- so I am getting hipster judged right this second). Getting hipster judged is the worst. It's like getting homeless alcoholic judged, but way more annoying.

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