Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bat Shit Crazy? I Hope You're Talking About Bat Shit's Enthusiasm For Scrapbooking Otherwise...Not Cool

I met some bat shit tonight.  It actually wasn't that crazy...a little eccentric, sure, but definitely not crazy.  It was WAY into scrap-booking however; like, CRAZY into it, so I guess if you wanted to say someone was bat shit crazy into scrap-booking  then, yeah, I'd say that was an accurate description of their passion for scrap-booking given bat shit's enthusiasm for the hobby.
After sitting around and talking with bat shit tonight,  I realized saying someone is bat shit crazy is no different than saying someone is way into eating organic fruits and vegetables.  Sure, eating only organic is still kind of unique socio-culturally here in the US, but it is a rapidly growing trend and is quickly becoming more and more widely accepted as a normal practice. In  the current cultural environment, being an advocate of the organic food lifestyle hardly warrants an official diagnosis of "Crazy" from the American Academy of Psychiatrists.  In fact, if you're one of those on an organic only diet I'd wager the closest diagnosis to "crazy"  you'd be able to get from your doctor now-a-days is a physical with the result reading:  Healthy a.k.a. *bat shit crazy- LOL!
As I've already mentioned, there may be some people who are like bat shit and crazy into scrap-booking, which is...,
 well, that's just a whole lot of enthusiasm for making a visual, photographic history of your life and the lives of your loved ones.  It's also SO DANG CUTE as a photo family history you can show to your friends and post on your blog.  With so many different style page borders, photo captions, and those zig-zag cutting scissors which would be totally safe to run're really only limited by your imagination and maybe a so-so selection at Hobby Lobby.
Anyways, I just thought it might be good for all of us to sit down and really talk to some bat shit.  I think once you do, you'll realize bat shit isn't crazy, it just sees the world from a slightly different perspective than you and I; also, it's really good for your organic garden, especially if the nitrogen levels in your soil are all out of whack, or if you need some new scrap-booking ideas (bat shit can talk ALL DAY about scrap-booking-  It's crazy).

*That's a little joke your doctor  makes because he's old school and likes to give you a hard time about your organic gardening and your collection of Phish albums.

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