Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Stuff For The Kids

People are always coming up to me and saying "Incredible Typing Bear, Please don't eat me!"
Another thing I get a lot is "Incredible Typing Bear, it seems like you don't care much about kids because you don't ever have stuff for kids on your blog.  Is it true that you don't like kids?"
To those in the second group of people I say this:
No, it's not true.  I like kids.  I like to eat kids. I like to be around kids and enjoy the wonder they exude while experiencing the daily things that so many of us now take for granted, and I ESPECIALLY like to help kids learn important lessons that will help them throughout their lives be better people and make a positive contribution to society.
With that preface, it is now my pleasure to present to you my new kids series of book titles.

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